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Friday, October 09, 2009

Learn to Sail: Person Overboard!

  Person Overboard!  Sailing Rescue Techniques

     Most one man-overboard drills usually consist of throwing over a cushion and returning to pick it up by the strap.  A good sized fireplace log is a better way to do the practice because it is much more awkward to get aboard.

   There are four important steps to retrieving a person who has gone overboard. The first is to return without delay to a position near the victim. The second is to maneuver your boat close enough so you connect him or her to the boat. The third is to get the person aboard, and the fourth is to see that they are ok.

   The moment someone goes over the side, a boat cushion or life preserver should be tossed to him/her.

  Make sure to keep him/her in sight, and as the distance widens, it is increasingly important to maintain visual contact.Even when you are alone on the boat, keeping the victim in sight is second only to getting the boat back to him. Everything becomes more practical as you get in closer proximity to the person in the water.

There are three methods of rescue. I am posting them one at a time. Come back for the others!

Method One...This method involves jibing to rescue the person over board.  Only do this in light winds to avoid capsizing.  Remember to stay in constant communication with the victim. 1.When a person falls overboard, immediately yell "Crew Overboard!"  2.Next, throw a flotation device toward the victim and keep a close eye on them.3.Jibe the boat.4.Now quickly head up to a close-hauled course.  5.Retrieve the person on the windward side of the boat.  Let the mainsail out to stop.

  Resist the temptation to have someone go in the water to help the victim - you may lose two people. If the person in the water is unable to help himself you then may have to send a spare person into the water to help. In this case make surethere is a line securely attaching the boat and the would-be rescuer. Plan ahead how you are going to get this person back aboard.

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